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Welcome to the Haiti Community

This community is built for Haitians, Haitian Ex-Patriates, Haitian-Americans, Dominicans, Dominican-Americans, and other Afro-Caribbean Peoples. The focus of the community is primarily for those of us who are descendents from this region, but of course others are welcome to join!

Happy Bi-Centennial to Haiti, the World's First Free Black Republic: January 1, 2004

This Community is NOT for: the trivialization of voodoo/vodou/vodoun. There are too many LJ communities that have associated 'Voodoo' with Wicca/Witchcraft/Neo-Paganism/Satanism. This community condemns the fetishization of Voodoo/Vodou and the trivialization of Haitian Peoples into such restrictive and oppressive categories. Any users found making irresponsible comments regarding voodoo will be banned.

motherginsberg is the moderator of this community. please feel free to contact her by responding to one of her posts/comments.

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